Problems with Current
Chain Interactions
Running two parallel chains or creating bridges between chains locally is challenging with existing solutions.
Lack of State Recovery
Hardhat and Anvil lack state recovery, if the local chain encounters a problem because of any unforeseen issues and shuts down.
Lack of Dev Tool Extensibility
Creating new tools or analyzing gas efficiencies in the chain requires building the entire tool stack from scratch on Hardhat or Anvil, limiting tool extensibility.
Limitations in Testing Scenarios
Hardhat and Anvil have limitations in modeling and testing complex scenarios, such as running external modules, using roll-ups, or creating bridges between chains.
Phoenix Engine Strengths
Fault Tolerance and State Recovery
Phoenix Engine has the ability to restart with the same state even if the chain halts because of any unforeseen issues, providing fault tolerance.
Switching Service Providers Midway
Phoenix Engine allows users to switch service providers (RPC) during testing, offering flexibility in adapting to different needs or issues.
Transaction Replaying and Simulation
Phoenix Engine allows you to replay transactions and simulate complex scenarios.
Resource Efficiency
Phoenix Engine is designed to be memory-efficient, consuming less memory compared to other engines like Hardhat.
Phoenix Engine can handle high throughput and ensures that multiple users can perform read operations simultaneously without affecting each other.
Atomicity and Consistency
Phoenix ensures atomicity and consistency in transactions, guaranteeing that subsequent read requests will reflect the latest transaction changes.
Improved User Experience
Phoenix incorporates features like default balance for accounts and impersonation of accounts, enhancing the user experience by reducing the steps required to interact with the node and eliminating the need for additional setup (e.g., faucet for test transactions).
Powerful plugin extensibility
Connect your Sandbox with popular services like Gelato, Gnosis Safe, and Chainlink to simulate complex scenarios.
Enhanced Testing Capabilities
Phoenix enables the creation of multiple independent chains (forks) within the same sandbox, allowing for more comprehensive and efficient testing scenarios compared to Anvil or Hardhat, where reliance on snapshots can be cumbersome.

Let’s get started then, Shall we?