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Discover How Lef Giak Overcame DApp Development Challenges with BuildBear Sandbox

Lef Giak, a web3 DApp developer, has been building DApps since 2019. Recently, he started contributi...

Discover how the 3A DAO team beta-tested their Lending Protocol with the community using BuildBear Sandbox.

Discover how the 3A DAO team beta-tested their Lending Protocol with the community using BuildBear S...
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Discover how the oSwamp team overcame development challenges with BuildBear Sandbox.

oSwamp is constructed upon the Swamp contract, developed by the Overline Network team, with the aim ...
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Discover How Sascha (Drip Protocol) efficiently tested their entire application within their Team and their Community with BuildBear’s Engine.

Drip Network is a decentralized finance ecosystem that generates daily passive income.
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Discover How Desmond Ho Successfully Resolved Smart Contract Audit Challenges with BuildBear

Desmond Ho, an independent security researcher, works at Spearbit and is also involved with Sherlock...
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Prof. Fábio Santos' Overcoming Challenges during Development with BuildBear

Prof. Fábio Santos is a Web3 developer and YouTube Educator who specializes in teaching subjects suc...
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OriginX’s Testnet: BuildBear

How Manoranjith Shankar achieved faster development and testing of OriginX Development Using BuildBe...
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Raffi3’s Testnet: BuildBear

The premier NFT Raffle platform on Polygon.
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Neokard’s Testnet: BuildBear

An intuitive platform to onboard people to Web3 at scale by making buying, sending, and receiving NF...
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Xave's Internal Playground: BuildBear

Enable fintechs to leverage Web 3.0 for real time remittance transfers and high yield consumer savin...
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Doss Games Testnet: BuildBear

Blockchain-based gaming software designed to provide play-to-earn gaming metaverses.
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CFPoly Testnet: BuildBear

How Alexey Solved Problems Faced During CFPoly Development Using BuildBear
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