List of Faucets for Public Testnets

Tired of searching for Testnet tokens?
With BuildBear, every Sandbox you create comes with its own dedicated faucet, allowing you to mint as many tokens as needed.
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Goerli Faucet
Get free Ethereum Testnet Tokens from this trusted Goerli Faucet
Ethereum Testnet
Sepolia Faucet
Quickly get Ethereum testnet funds for testing with this trusted proof-of-work Sepolia faucet
Ethereum Testnet
BNB Smart Chain Faucets
Acquire test BNB tokens for the BNB Smart Chain Testnet.
Binance Smart Chain Testnet
Fantom Testnet Faucet
Request 5 Testnet FTM once per address with this trusted Fantom testnet Faucet.
Fantom Testnet
Avalanche Fuji Faucet
Obtain test AVAX tokens for the Avalanche Fuji Testnet.
Avalanche Testnet
Gnosis Chain (XDAI) Faucet
Get test xDAI for Gnosis Chain Testnet
Gnosis Testnet
Polygon Faucet
Polygon Faucet is a tool that provides developers free testnet tokens for testing and development.
Polygon Testnet
Polygon ZkEVM Faucet
Acquire test Matic for the Polygon zkEVM Testnet.
Polygon Zkevm Testnet
Arbitrum Goerli Faucet
Obtain test ARB for the Arbitrum Goerli testnet.
Arbitrum Testnet
Optimism Goerli Faucet
The Optimism Goerli Testnet Faucet gives developers ETH and DAI tokens for testnet dApps.
Optimism Testnet
Linea Goerli Faucet
Acquire Linea ETH for the Omni Testnet
Linea Goerli Testnet
Omni Faucet
Acquire Omni for the Omni Testnet
Omni Testnet
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Holesky Faucet
Acquire HolETH for the Holesky Testnet
Ethereum Testnet

What is a Testnet network ?

Testnets are like practice grounds for blockchain networks. They mimic the real main networks but are separate, so any coins used there have no value on the Mainnet. Developers use Testnets to safely test and refine their projects without risking real assets or irreversible errors that could occur on the Mainnet. This creates a secure environment for developers to work without the high stakes of the actual network.

What is a crypto faucet ?

For developers, crypto faucets serve as a valuable resource to acquire a small amount of cryptocurrency for testing purposes. They can use these funds to experiment with smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps), or other blockchain-related functionalities without having to invest their own money. This is particularly useful during the development and testing phases of their projects.

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